Monday, October 31, 2016

Three Influential People

The first influential person in my life was my grandfather who lived until he was 85 years old. He stood out to me because of how he carried himself, which I hope reflects on me a little. He was a family man who took care and made sure his family was number one priority. His generosity was enormous as he was once a member of The Knights of Columbus which is a Catholic based charity that volunteers service hours and raises money for people in need. His bravery was admirable sacrificing his personal gains for his family and for his country when he served in the Korean War. One of things that I really stood out to me was his kindness and his sense of humor, he could always make me laugh. Even at the dinner table during Christmas when his health was not very good and the family and I were thinking it could be our last Christmas with him, he always knew what to say and when to say it making us all feel good. He inspired me by the kind of man he was and the kind of family he was able to establish over the years, meaning he had the discipline that was needed. He was the kind of person that you wanted to go out of your way to hang out with because he gave you that heartwarming feeling just being around him. He never tried to impress anyone but always did what he needed to do so everyone around him was happy and the kind of man that I hope I can grow up to be like one day. He has made a huge impact on my life and I will always remember the important lessons learned and cherish the time spent with him.

The second person I chose is a guy named Bobby Orr who was a professional hockey player for the Boston Bruins in the mid 1960’s through the 1970’s. He is not only one of the most influential person’s in my life but one that I would call a hero and a legend. He is known for being one of the best ice hockey players to ever lace up the skates, but what he is doing since he retired is amazing as well. After he retired he did not just settle down like he probably had thought would happen, but instead started helping out local communities. He took advantage of his fame by realizing that he has more of a duty to the public than just playing hockey as he started giving back to the less fortunate and visiting the sick at hospitals when he could. Bobby Orr attends golf outings and charitable events to raise awareness of whatever cause that is in need of his support. It’s kind of awesome because when I lived in Canada he has always been my idol as a hockey player on and off the ice, but the town that I lived in was actually his hometown where he grew up as a child. In his hometown there are restaurants and ice rinks and signs and shops named after him and you cannot do that if you were not a well-liked person who went out of their way for the greater good. It is just an amazing site to see a whole town come around one person who has such an impact on so many people. Listening to all these interviews with him and everything that he has accomplished not just as a hockey players amazes me to hear him speak and the generosity that comes out of his voice.

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The third person that has impacted me tremendously who is a country singer and songwriter by the named of Kenny Chesney. When I think of this person I say now here is a man who is one of those hard working, talented people that you could make a movie about his life and how he got to where he is today. Kenny Chesney is a great example of someone who has started as a normal boy who went to school and played a sport in high school who never had anything handed to him. After he decided he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a musician he started working for it by singing at local bars and even on the streets when he was in college just to earn a little money. His music has inspired so many people over the years to the point where his lyrics have literally brought people to tears. For and for others as well this man can turn your bad day into something spectacular when one of his songs comes on the radio. His voice and his talents make you feel invincible and that you can accomplish anything with the positive attitude he represents. During every concert he has, he will bring up at least one person from the crowd and whether it be someone with cancer or even just a little boy or girl and present them to the thousands of people watching, making them feel like a million dollars. He also gives that person a signed guitar, hat or just some type of personal value that they can go home with that night and will always have that to remember that night they had with him. He is a very kind and understandable person who also donates a lot of his wealth to charities of his choice that are in need. Over his career he has performed and inspired millions and millions of people with his music and his determination. 

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